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Posted on: February 26, 2011 4:40 pm

BYU-SDSU "I respectfully disagree."

The game just ended and it was a fun one to watch! Glad I got to see with my own eyes how aggressive and skilled Jimmer really is, and the two teams impressed me overall. But late in the game Steve Kerr and Clark Kellogg agreed that both teams are very well coached. I have to respectfully disagree.


Neither team was able to control the ball, having most of their 11 and 12 turnovers a piece down the stretch and MANY more bad passes and risky dribbling that should have resulted in TOs. Jimmer's had 96 turnovers this year, already eclipsing last year's total in 6 fewer games. And though San Diego was right at their avg of 11 TOs/game, they looked sloppy and took bad shots. Would that kind of play fly for a Mike Krzyzewski team? A Bill Self coached team? Or any other coach that A) plays better teams day in and day out and B) requires good ball control, shot selection, and point guard play? I KNOW it wouldn't for a Bo Ryan coached team -- Wisconsin has the fewest TO's per game in the nation and point guard with best TO/assist ratio in Jordan Taylor.


Both teams are good and have great shooters, but come tournament time I get the feeling they wont be able to handle the pressure and the higher quality defenses. If you can't hold on to the ball long enough to get it to those guys that can knock 3's down so well, what does it matter?

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