Posted on: April 8, 2011 6:06 pm

Ah the Masters

A new season has officially arrived, and I call it spring.  Spring break and St. Patrick's Day mean warm weather partying has already started.  The NFL draft is up-coming, and though maybe this year people care less than ever before, baseball is underway -- all hail the SportsCenter savior!  College basketball is done, with March Madness roaring in like a lion and going out like a lamb.  The NBA and NHL regular seasons are ending too, preparing to drag on through an endless 2+ months of playoffs.
Yet none of these things mark the turning of winter into spring in the sports world like one exhaulted, but not pompous, event and word:  Masters.
Yes, it is The Masters that really marks the beginning of spring in a sports fan's heart.  Green fairways on plasma big screens so clear you can count blades of grass.  Flowers and streams and trees that light up the entire TV room.  Complete silence broken by the crack of a driver on a ball, or the thud of a wedge taking a divit.  Of course here in the Great North I look outside to low 50s, grey skies and rain, but oh a man can dream!  Only 5 or 6 more weeks and I'll be there!  On that course, with khaki shorts on, a putter in one hand, a cold beer in the other!  
During the first week of April, every year without fail, warm blooded American sporting men all across the country sink deep into their comfiest spot in front of their Hi-Def and dream to the soothing voice of Jim Nantz.  If ever a day was meant for a mid-afternoon nap it was Masters Sunday.  In one weekend, one afternoon perhaps, we fall asleep to winter and wake up to spring.  We head to the driving range first thing Monday after work.  We rotate our closets so all the golf shirts are in front.  We call our buddies, who without a doubt have had the same past 3 days we have, and plan next weekends golfing trip.  We zone out all day Friday at our desks, already working on sinking long putts and fixing our slices in our minds.  And come Saturday morning we wake up early, make a hearty breakfast and a cup of coffee, grab our clubs and head out of the city to step on the course for the first day of spring!
And then we freeze our asses off at 7 am, and decide we can watch golf for a few more weeks before actually playing.  It is only April...

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